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We Love Autumn here on Gwynn's Island!

Here is a simple poem I wrote about our favorite time of year, Autumn.

Autumn is Amidst

Morning air light and crisp

Breathes gently,

While the quietness of night

Lingers longer.

Whispers of the sun

Cascade down on

Leaves splashed in warm colors

As they tumble downward.

Autumn is amidst.

Crackling inviting fire

Burns sweet

While smells of cooler nights

Delight the senses.

Crunch of nuts underneath

Breaks the silence

Sending a splash of red

Fluttering upward.

Autumn is amidst.

Scent of my beloved

Hangs about me

While the touch of his skin

Remains inviting.

A warm embrace

Welcomes love

Filling hearts and mind

With comfort.

Autumn is amidst.

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